In addition to this minor accident, other work has progressed very smoothly.


This group of experts are all scientific madmen. The camp has just built an embryonic form. Officials knew the environment and deliberately made a boat that was just enough to drive on the river.

The hull is narrow, with both ends tilted, and the bow is wrapped in hard metal to prevent impact. The bottom and the hull are also thickened with special materials and the ship’s gang is higher, so that strange fish can jump into it.

When the boat got into the water, it was the same as the drums at the bottom. The strange fish kept crashing into the water and the fish jumped out of the water.


“All through!”

The soldiers who stood on the shore came in a round of volley. The blood spewed immediately and the river drained.

Water resistance is much greater than air resistance. Ordinary bullets shoot into the water and the kinetic energy is lost very quickly. A meter or so is basically not lethal. Instead, they use tapered bullets. The warheads are long and center of gravity is dedicated to underwater shooting.

The strange fish was smashed for a round and not only did not flinch, but was spurred by bloody sin. I do not know how many fish swim here, crazy attack the boat.


When the soldiers salvo again, they always had a leap, and the hull was swaying.

This is hard to do. Can’t throw bombs at all? When the captain saw the incident, he could not help but frown and turned: “Nanjing Night Net, but also trouble you.”

“Well, you should go up first.” Nanjing Night Net nodded.

What the headmen confessed to was not to question, everything was to be heard. Captain Becker did not play and directly ordered:

“Get on board!”

The quality of the soldiers was also good. They watched the crooked fishes, properly obeyed orders and marched on the pedals. The first soldier followed the pedal and walked half way through. A strange fish slammed into the water and opened his mouth to bite.

The result did not touch the leg, and the big, short-tailed body slammed into a cloud of blood.


At the same time, everyone shuddered and looked at Nanjing Night Net’s eyes with awe. Even those who have the best eyesight have just caught a glimpse of Qingmang. They seem to have nothing, and they haven’t even seen anything.

And then the soldier jumped on the boat and there was still a bit of fat. What ghost?

“Quick, connect!”

The captain secretly sighed and quickly shouted.

In the blink of an eye, four soldiers and two experts safely boarded the ship. Even if there were fish attacks, they all exploded into a haze. Nanjing Night Net finally caught up, counting him, a total of seven people.


The bow’s engine started, broke the water, and hurried to the hole. Others followed closely and looked at the condition on the shore.

The scientists first prepared several detectors, round, and the size of the basin, all the way to the water. The detector fell into the bottom of the water, three metal feet were automatically extended, and they were firmly supported and began to collect data.

In a moment, it reached the entrance of the cave. The boat floated silently like a ghost and turned on the light. Dozens of meters again, suddenly open in front of the eyes, a pool of secluded horizontal slide as a mirror, it is the small lake in the hole.



The strange thing is that they have entered the lake and seem to have stirred up some of the strange nerves of the fish and become even fiercer. Large and small, one is only one, not to attack the bottom of the ship and the hull.

Carrying the weight of seven people, even if it was crashed, it would be turned over at any time.

“Nanjing Night Net!”

The soldier had a gun and dared not open it. He feared that he would have trouble and he had to ask for help.

“Nothing, you guys do yours.”

Nanjing Night Net lifted its eyes and an invisible wave swayed. The swiftness of the swarm of fish and the fierceness of their eyes led me to kill each other.

The blood spreads over the bottom of the boat, thick and thick, and it seems to have condensed into a small red mark, magically embedded in the lake. Occasionally, the fish that escaped the net was also cleared by the sapphire needle.

“This, this cliff is so beautiful. It’s incredible!”

After all, the scientist was impulsive and quickly shifted his attention. One person was amazed by the bright white walls and the other person’s eyes widened. “I have never seen such minerals, and the surface can be smoothed…”

“Two, you guys should be faster. We can’t hold on for a long time!” A soldier’s egg hurts, and he was mad at him.

“Oh! We’ll sample it.”

The two guys took out the long cylindrical tool, pressed the switch, and fired something like light. Again, with a strong wave on the wall, like a knife cut tofu, neatly cut a large piece.

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