This is very sad.

Slightly biased field.

Huang Guangyi regrets that the fact that he is really rich and rich may be more than everyone in the room imagined, but the problem is not a matter of counting money.

Even if he does not dare to publicly count, because once the funds are fully spread out, first of all, he has been questioned as the source of imports will be pushed down the cusp … … followed by tax and a series of other issues.

The situation on the scene is basically a foregone conclusion. Think about it. He would rather not have taken this step from the beginning… It wouldn’t be that he would have lifted a rock and slid his own foot.

“Time seems to be late.”

A voice came from the room.

Penning looked up at the watch while he got up and looked at the hundreds of eyes that were focused and smiled. “My attitude… I don’t need to say anything?”

Comrade Lao Pan who was forced into the Ming wolf, this is equal to the default.

“Huang always sorry, Panmou offended.” He said to Huang Guangyi.

“Let’s go and eat back.” He waved at Nanjing Night Net.

This does not mean that the Pearl River plant will be stupid to break with the fruit, or stop supplying it, but anyone can see that the Pearl River plant has been inclined between the two.

Penning was gone. He and his Pearl River plant are among the largest behemoths in the Guangdong appliance industry.

Next, Gree Dong Mingzhu stood up.

Just during the entire process, Miss Dong was chanting a word: Sure enough.

Sure enough, Nanjing Night Net did something, and indeed Nanjing Night Net came, and sure enough he came and ran out…

As a serious and even rigid person, Miss Dong has deep suspicions and doubts about himself and Gree. He chose to stand on the same front with these two goods. Is this right?


Is it across the street? Just think about it, it is very scary feeling.

Do not stand in line? Not right, old friends, and I feel like I missed something.

“I and IKEA always share the same sister, so there is nothing to be entangled.” Finally, she said.

Around a bend, Gree also expressed its position, but the current Gree is in an internal crisis, Dong Minzhu is not Zhu Hongjiang, so her attitude, influence and Penning gap is not small.

Then Zhu Tugen. “Since my family, I have nothing to say.” He rarely had the opportunity to speak, especially enthusiastically.

Followed by manufacturers have expressed their position.

Waiting until no one uttered a voice, Qu Mo only looked up and smiled. “I don’t know much about it, but because of the recent impression, I’ve chosen to believe that Jiang’s character… Ikea gets the goods, but we’re not in a hurry. .”

This statement sounds very mild, but the meaning, in fact, has given IKEA maximum support in terms of cash flow.

The Nanjing Night Net noticed that before this decision was made, the woman did not discuss with her two brothers.

This girl is not simple.

The scene began to show a one-sided situation. Of course, there are still a number of companies that do not choose to stand in neutral positions and have a large number. In addition, there are a small number of manufacturers who have chosen the station team because of early agreement or because of interests, but only two. In contrast, this group of people appears to be somewhat paralysed in terms of quantity and quality.

Nanjing Night Net was very satisfied. He said today that he was really trying to prevent the formation of a situation in which “the United States and the United States manufacturers will jointly cut IKEA.” At the beginning, he did not expect to win over the team.

Therefore, the current situation and results are beyond his expectations.

Not long afterwards, the manufacturers of the stage gradually disperse. As for the details of the cooperation, it is natural to wait until afterwards and talk about it one by one.

In the ballroom, there was a chilling, gloomy shadow, and there was a sense of desolateness after the feast ended.

Nanjing Night Network and Nanjing Night Network naturally will not go to help checkout. The two went out of the banquet hall. Unexpectedly, Huang Guangyi stood there and saw Nanjing Night Net and took the initiative to reach out.

shake hands.

“See you in Linzhou.” Huang Guangyi said.

Huang Guangyi’s meaning is very clear. Although IKEA has already dominated the vendor side, he will not choose a truce because of this setback. He also has a wealthy family background and can compete for a battle, and the attitude of the manufacturers also has to fight for it. Space.

“See you in Linzhou,” said Nanjing Night Net.

He is very clear: Linzhou see … … Then, is a truly tragic unreasonable price war.

“I say that Linzhou and other Marshals… When will Jiang always return?” Huang Guangyi smiled as if he had known each other. “If this is the case for two days, maybe we can all arrive on the same plane and drop the gun.”

“No, I’m not so fast.” Nanjing Night Net smiled and said: “I’ll take the final exam.”

Huang Guangyi: “…”

This is very sad.

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