“There are also people who are accompanied by it. Someone is old and old.” She greeted his gaze and said again.

Out of the alley, footsteps came from behind.

He turned back and saw Liu Suru standing there.

“Intrinsically speaking, Ebara did not dare to think about it, but you have really misunderstood it for a while. He just said to himself, “If you go, you don’t mention it, you don’t mention it, but you haven’t got it since you started.” …” Liu Suru paused and said: “Willing widows, I wouldn’t want to be cheeky and understand the words. Do you really have no thoughts and no trace?”

Chen is silent.

“You say you do not care about you, do not entangled you.

“I don’t want to give up. There’s no reason to be disgusted. I thought it would be nice if I could marry you as a married woman. At my old home, like you, I’m the best woman, I’m awesome, there’s ambition, I’m good. ……” Chen You did not lie, he is now able to find a prettily beautiful person, but that does not suit him, paused, he said: “But, I turned around and thought, I can not let you die a man again. ”

In fact, Liu Suru heard crying before hearing the last sentence and suddenly confused. “What do you mean? You’re sick, sick… you’re ah.”


The past of Chen Youqi and Qin Heyuan, as well as the things they must do in the future, did not tell anyone else except Nanjing Night Net because it was the biggest secret to their lives.

The coal industry in Shanxi Province is so deep that even Nanjing Night Net has made it clear that he will not personally go.

But today, without asking about the source of the Qin River, Chen Youchang chose to say it.

“My sister died there. My father-in-law’s family also died there… In short, Heyuan and Heyuan must go back. When things fail, they die, they become, and they may not be able to live.”

He finally said this sentence, turned back and walked forward.

The cultural level of the two people is not enough to explain a question: “What is it in the past?” It is actually very simple, that is, two people who are actually alone in this world are each careful and deliberately letting themselves down and eager for a bit of warmth.

Finally understand why he had that sentence, and then die a man, and then die a man … … Liu Suru stayed a long while, watching people come to the alley, “Hey, then who … you stand.”

Chen stood upright and stopped.

“You can help you after you raise them.” Liu Suru stood and said, “If you have naive innocence, it won’t break the incense…. You said, isn’t it right?”

Chen turned back and walked to her side and said nothing at all.

“There are also people who are accompanied by it. Someone is old and old.” She greeted his gaze and said again.

Chen looked up at her eyes.

Liu Suru smiled heartily.

He was short and he picked her up.

“Your family, your family.”

After a brief period of panic, Liu Suru said on his shoulder.

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