Nanjing Night Network said: “I look at this person’s face, this year’s fortune, is overwhelming.”

Not seeing the rabbit does not spread the eagle, Nanjing night net hides one hand, reveals very calmly.

Twin sisters are a bit guilty.

Probably, he is waiting for me here, and Shi Langshan smiled. Not only was he not surprised, but he was even higher in front of this young man. The fear of masters of Feng Xiaohui is not only feng shui, but also human means…the most rare. Can hide and wait for opportunities.

“The younger friend feels relieved that Zhong Mou will not lose because of a small loss.” He thought of this, he smiled calmly and put in a sentence.

The small one is money, and the bigger one is the human relationship with Master Jiang.

This means that Nanjing Night Network certainly understands and smiles and daggers. He retakes the piece of paper and puts a movie that he has just skipped.

Zhong Zhen and Zhong Yin stood on his side and looked down.

Zhong Yan shouted: “”New Love”?”

Zhong Zhen seemed to be thinking hard for a moment and only remembered the relevant information about this movie. Some said, “This, my friends in the circle told me that this movie is very niche and the director has been looking for it for a long time. Many people don’t have anyone willing to vote.”

“Ah, they all want to lose. There is no need to pay for the ideal of the director.” Zhong Yan added.

Nanjing Night Net nodded. In the case of “Unforgettable Love”, he understood that this movie does not conform to the current mainstream. The current mainstream is comedy, martial arts, vigilance, and rivers and lakes, and it does not touch any of it. To some extent, it is a ministry movie.

At the same time, Er Dongsheng itself was not a director who was known for his box office, but he also chose the lead actor Liu Qingbiao earlier.

Therefore, the film of the previous generation has never been able to obtain investment. In the end, Er Dongsheng himself gambling on the net and borrowed money before shooting it.

He bet on winning, with quality and reputation, this “non-mainstream” movie eventually ranked dark horse in the 1993 Hong Kong City Box Office overall ranking third. In the front, Tang Bohu points Qiuxiang and Hua Tian works. There are two Jackie Chans in the back four to ten, three Jet Li, a Stephen Chow, and the tenth is Dong Chengxi.

From a profit point of view, it can probably be ranked first. And the movie, along with its theme song, remained classic after more than two decades.

At this time, Er Dongsheng, should he still run into the wall? Nanjing Night Net thought for a long time. When the investment came, you must be very happy…Have your money and earn you a gratitude.

Hey, if you don’t give you a big dividend, you’ll have to vote more for you later. This may not have one or two classics in Hong Kong’s film history.

His thoughts, the twin sisters naturally have no way of knowing, the two said talking, for a moment to invest, forgot that the master is relying on calculations, is still tirelessly to Nanjing night network to introduce film-related conditions.

“Actor did not shoot a movie.” Zhong Yan pointed to the name written on the paper. Liu Qingxi said to Nanjing Night Network.

“Ah, not handsome or playing,” said Zhong Zhen.

At this time, Liu Qingyi was still quite angry. The “Big Times” was being hit, but it was a TV series rather than a big screen. It was only after the “New Love” that Liu Yingdi became a movie star.

“I just decided to vote because I saw this name, Liu Qingyun.” Nanjing Night Net smiled and explained: “Before I happened to see him on television once…”

The clock is really worried, interrupting and asking: “How?”

Nanjing Night Network said: “I look at this person’s face, this year’s fortune, is overwhelming.”

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