Nanjing Night Net said with a smile: “Then I see.”

The pace of adjustment by Zhong Shishan differs from Nanjing Night Net’s expectation, although his look still looks a little tired.

He Yuyu was taken by one of his bodyguards and left Quanbei County first.

When Nanjing Night Net put a pad, Zhong Shishan promised to give lessons and not hurt his life.

“Actually, Jiang Xiaoyou knew that he was a liar sooner or later. Right? The people who have your way of doing things will probably be able to identify at first glance.” Zhong Shishan drinks tea, slows down, and smiles. Miserable, out of such a big ugly.”

He said so, Nanjing Night Net would say that he just accidentally mistaked and passed.

He smiled and said: “There is nothing that can be done. If I say it directly, I will not be able to argue with him, and Mr. Chung may not believe me.”

Zhong Shan nodded and said: “That’s right. Then, my ancestral graves, how are we doing now?”

“It is not appropriate to move or even move. It is because we are worried about this. I am afraid that Mr. Zhong will listen to Master He and instigate ancestral tombs. I will not do that.” Nanjing Night Network said: “Rebuilding the tombstones is as simple as cleaning up and worshipping. ”

“This is it?” Zhong Shishan hesitated. “But my ancestral graves on the side of the mountain, the arrangement and position do not seem very good … … that, I myself have also heard about some Feng Shui doorway.”

This is a professional, Nanjing Night Net has not had time to learn, Quanbei County Xinhua Bookstore ran a trip, there is no feng shui-related books to buy.

“In fact, what is the true feng shui is a rhyme, rhyme in the mountains, boundless wild, just right is Feng Shui.” He said.

Zhong Shishan focused, but also confused.

“As we look at ancient paintings, so-called composition, in fact, we can’t tell where we are. But every tree, every river, and every kiosk is just in the right place. It can be a mood, or a space, or Majestic … This is actually feng shui,” he added.

Zhong Shishan completely paralyzed.

“Mr. Zhong felt that on the side of the mountain, arranged in an unordered ancestral graves, did it not protect you from peace and security for decades and broke branches and leaves?” said Nanjing Nights Net here, suggesting: “Would you like to go to Shanna? On the other side, looking at it from a distance to see if the graves of Zhong Jiazu is right, is it right?

Zhong Shishan went with his family and saw…

Oh, I really feel right, and I feel that the scenery in that place is very good. Every stone, every tree, and every mountain is up and down.

He finally saw it suddenly.

It’s hard to come up with a feng shui master who has a real skill. There is still one more layer of relationship. Where can I miss it? He returned to Nanjing Night Net at the first time and said sincerely, “Jiang Xiaoyu is hiding in the village and is really wasting… Is there any interest in going to the port city?”

Another one.

“If Xiaoyou is willing to go, Zhong Jia must take full care of it. Besides, I have some friends, such as Mr. Huo Dongying. They can also recommend for you.” Zhong Shishan has a strong will and carries out a friend whose level is much higher than that of himself.

Nanjing Night Net was tempted, stumbling and saying: “Before July and August, maybe we really harass Mr. Zhong.”

Zhong Shi Shan is very happy and even stays in contact with him.

His twin granddaughters, Zhong Yan and Zhong Zhen probed the probe outside the door and walked in. They took a piece of paper in their hands and carefully said, “Grandpa, can we ask the little master to help count this? Which movie can I vote for this year? Make money?”

Jenny Shih sees her granddaughter and looks at Nanjing Night Net. She says, “Some children at home are tossing. They are still in college. They have not got a small entertainment company with people. They say that they are investing in movies. What did you lose for a year and lost a lot? … Jiang Xiaoyou, you see?”

92, 93, investment in Hong Kong film, it is not easy to lose it, hey, really too bad.

Nanjing Night Net said with a smile: “Then I see.”

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