Nanjing Night Net returned the paper.

Zhong Zhen and Zhong Yin wrote a list of alternative films, together with the main actors who may be present, on a piece of paper.

Nanjing Night Network did not care about it before they came to see it. What they thought was that this year, two weeks into Jet Li, it would be wrong to refer to it.

However, after watching a piece of paper, Nanjing Night Net did not know all the movies on paper.

The beginning of the 1990s was a pinnacle of the Golden Age of Hong Kong City Cinema. The number of movies and filming speed were completely beyond imagination. Films on one or two Mondays were not uncommon.

In 1993, Hong Kong City Films produced nearly 40 classics in a year, accompanied by mass production of rotten movies.

These are clearly on the paper. Which may not be without money, no good-looking … but Nanjing Night Network do not know.

It seems that the grandchildren’s generation of small games, Zhongjia did not spend too much effort and contacts on this.

You know there are so many movies in this period. You don’t want to vote. If you have money, you can vote. In particular, like the two-week-per-week and Jet Li’s several box office guaranteed starring movies, the things involved are not that simple.

At the same time, although these movie boxes are high at the box office, their investment is also large. In fact, they may not be comparable to those dark horses that were originally thought to be a niche.

After throwing the paper away, Nanjing Night Net slowly shook his head and asked: “Is there any alternative?”

“Isn’t it all right?” asked the two girls.

“No eye margin.” Nanjing Night Network said.

“Yeah, you see, here’s an actor behind.” Zhong explained.

Nanjing Night Net had to point its own eyes and said: “There is no … eye.”

“Oh.” The twins took a look at each other. Some cramped and embarrassed. He took out another piece of paper and said, “These, these are some weird, and some others say we don’t want to vote.”

Nanjing Night Net did not care about it, took it and looked at it… this was correct.

“Harbor City Case”

“The Eight Immortals Hotel’s Pork Skewers”

The Killing of the Massacre

“Li Lizhen, Peach…”

Nanjing Night Net circled four, put the pen down and throw the paper back.

Zhong Zhen Zhong Yin took a look, his face a hot, eyes puzzled watching Nanjing night.

“When things don’t go smoothly, you can look at the sidelines,” says Nanjing Night Network.

The twins put up with embarrassment and nodded their heads. They couldn’t just be disobedient and throw nothing at all.

But the person who most listened to these words in his heart was actually Shirley Hill.

Sinking and looking, Zhong Shishan smiled and looked at Nanjing Night Network, and asked, “If there are 1.5 million young friends, how many will these four movies be cast separately?”

Nanjing night network probably understands, look at him, said that the shot is so generous? Why did you change jade to 3 million? It was the cost of repairing graves. This is just two layers of thank you, ancestral graves and investment advice.

The figures are a bit scary, but it’s reasonable to consider that the other party can actually make it back.

“If you don’t mind Xiaoyou, I would like to vote for you,” said Shihshan.

This is not the same as giving money directly… From the moment of being replaced by a deception, Nanjing Night Net first saw a bit of his astuteness in the returnee businessman.

Nanjing Night Net returned the paper.

“Then I will choose another one.”

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