Nanjing Night Net probably estimated his fate and looked at the two bodyguards with his eyes.

The sudden appearance of any masters is something unexpected.

Nanjing Night Net probably estimated his fate and looked at the two bodyguards with his eyes. He glanced at the mountain again, like an underground party joint, and asked, “Can you run them both?”

He exchanged jade very seriously and thought, “Running never.”

At this moment……

“Show me what the name is!”

A hundred meters above, an angry, snarling roar was heard through the bushes. The eighty-year-old old man was also a good body. At this time, he was still full of energy.

The anger is very reasonable, almost deceived 3 million or the second, the key masters who frightened an old man like? That scared, tears came out a few times, urine came out, almost ridiculous.

If the problem rises further, it can also be raised to the level of the ancestral ancestral ……

As for Niu Er Lai’s family, it depends on how he looked at himself. Somehow the ancestral graves were worshipped by others and they did not know whether they were angry or happy.

There is an instruction from Zhong Shi Shan that the two bodyguards will immediately move forward and look at the situation to get Master He.

Nanjing Night Network block a bit and said: “It’s just a matter of watching it. It’s not necessary.”

Two bodyguards stood there. The old men in the village chat about ancient times. The sons of grandchildren of the Zhongjia are still somewhat upset at this moment…

Nanjing Night Net took a few steps further and found a stone to sit down. He said to Master: “You can sit for a while.”

Master He sighed and sat down, silently took out a cigarette, and handed a question to Nanjing Night Network, Nanjing Night Network received.

The so-called person will die, give you smoke again, do not take too much to give face.

In addition, there is a saying that people will die and their words are good. Master Ho should not be dead, but with desperation, he is dying. The attitude of speaking is indeed completely different.

“If I didn’t turn up with you later, would you let me have a horse for this?” Master Ho smoked a cigarette, chatted like a friend, and asked, “I mean, how did you ever think of helping me?”

“But you just will turn your face,” said Nanjing Night Net, whispering. Of course he didn’t think about it. He didn’t know it before.

Master Ho stunned and finally nodded, blew a cigarette, looked at the scenery in the distant mountains and said: “So you still count, at least you will see, that is, the mouthline is bad. Today I did a lot of preparation. Defend, I can say you are dead, but I can’t think of the easiest calculation.”

He took every step of the rhetoric, how to take the Zhong Family down one step at a time, and there may be explanations and rebuttals, including how to counterattack. All of them wanted to be good, but they did not expect it.

Nanjing Night Net coughed and said: “The Zhuge Neijing did not teach these.”

He master nodded and said: “But we still have to practice. Run the rivers and lakes, and we have seven points in our mouths. Practice drills and go to the port city.”

“Hong Kong City?” Nanjing Night Net is curious.

“Yes, now is the best time for the Fengshui Master in Hong Kong. In addition, when you are in the port city, the chance of being invited to the Mainland is also higher than it is in the Mainland. It is worth more.” He said, “I was just on the ascendant. I wanted to use this shot to start. The Zhong family had a lot of friends in the Hong Kong Regal. They could hear it in rumors and help me a lot.”

Nanjing Night Net would like to say it is a pity, think about it, it seems inappropriate.

“I still have to stay in my room.” Master He himself expressed his introspection.


“It’s fine.”

“Yeah.” Nanjing Night Net asked: “What will happen to you this time? Will it not involve life?”

He Yuhua suddenly snorted his nose and said, “It’s hard to say… It was a bit complicated to hear about Zhong Sheng’s experience. When I first came to Hong Kong, I came back with the background of the T Gang. It was also in the Mainland. They just took a seat. The mountain buried me and I found the river sinking me. No one knows.”

“Yeah.” Nanjing Night Net thought for a moment. It made it impossible for Zhong Shishan to reveal it. It was not appropriate, but to the extent of death, it was over… Try to help the sentence after a while.

After chatting for a while, a cigarette was drawn and footsteps were heard. Afterwards, Shi Langshan came back down and was coming.

“Go to Hong Kong City. Li Chaoren has masters of feng shui who are ready to use. As a guest, do you know? Hong Kong City is our stage.”

“In the port city, when it’s time to mix, can the actress be able to play and publish albums? It’s all about you. Do you know what it means? Young people, think about it.”

“You have the real ability … to go to the port city.”

In the last few days, why did you change your mind, like Nanjing Night Net missed a great opportunity.

It seems that he is still a bit sensory, needless to say, but also know that Nanjing Night Net is likely to save his life.

Nanjing Night Watch watched him be taken away by the bodyguards and reluctantly thought: But I just don’t have the real ability.

Port City, want to go?

In fact, Nanjing Night Network is like. It’s not that it’s simple to get a company’s convenient capital and industrial operations. It’s about mixing up a circle and making some relationships.

Before 97, a group of influential and patriotic Hong Kong city tycoons were strongly wooed and favored. After 97, the ministers of meritordism were taken care of.

These things are difficult to obtain in Nanjing in the Mainland.

If we say greatness, if we can do our part before the return of 97, Nanjing Night Net will be very happy. After all, it was a hundred years of shame and great pride for the whole nation.

To calculate, Master Ho is already the second person to invite Nanjing Night Network to the City of Hong Kong. The last one is called Hu Xin. His “Big Times” saw more and became enthralled. There has always been an illusion:

【Shing Beach Small Stock God, Jun City, Hong Kong】.

He followed. Danang City stock market.

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