Nanjing Night Net looks innocent.

“Chong Sheng is polite. You have to treat me as a friend. You trust me. I want to do my best.” He changed his hands and said, “Hey, hey, hey.”

With his acting skills, even Nanjing Night Net has a bit of appreciation. It is probably the feeling that Li Xuejian finally saw a small piece of meat that could act.

At the same time, there are some regrets: Why are you such a good foundation? Go to the wireless artist training class, Chow Yun-fa, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Stephen Chow … … see who you are with classmates.

After the dust settled, he exchanged jade with the Zhong family to make a confession to their family’s ancestral tomb. Then he talked about his large array. He put aside a large amount of knowledge about ventilation, what wood and jade materials were called, Jiugong, Liuhe, and Kowloon Jiuxing. The names of ancient masters … … thrown out.

Nanjing Night Net can’t understand it – no culture is really poor.

Why did he get away from the clock family and walked beside him and smiled and looked at Nanjing Night Net. People leaned in front of him and laughed and whispered: “This is a moment, and it’s your tuition fee. It’s so big, it’s all over here.”

As soon as his voice was over, there was a loud voice on the mountain.

The two bodyguards who stayed under the mountain by Zhong Shishan stopped all the way. However, they still did not stop the old people in the villages of seven or eight.

In fact, it is not stopped, but there is no indication of Bell Hill, they dare not take measures.

“Zhong Sheng, I’m sorry, they …” A bodyguard walked to the front of the Bell Hill and bowed his head.

“It’s okay.” Shirley Shan waved his hand calmly. With his energy and the attitude of the leaders of cities and counties, he naturally did not have to worry too much about the old farmers.

After the big deal, it will be good to hire two people to keep the grave.

“What are you guys?” The courtesy can be maintained, and Shirley Hill still maintains courtesy.

But opposite him, including the old man of Jiang, several old people are standing there with a bit of annoyance… very strange reaction.

Why don’t you pay attention to these things? This is the case of Zhong Shishan. The villagers will make troubles. He’s expected to come. Even if it’s not a matter of waiting till the ancestral tombs of Zhong Jia’s ancestors begin to be overhauled, they will surely make trouble…

Let’s make a fuss. As for whether or not Chung Shek Shan is forced to pay or spend money, it is not a matter of masters.

“Master He.” Nanjing Night Net opened its doors for the first time since it was just smashed.

“Huh?” He was curious about what he wanted to say, but he was still relaxed.

“What master has always been good?” Nanjing Night Network asked.

Why don’t you change the jade, calmly said: “Very good.”

Nanjing Night Net took a breath and said: “It’s good.”

After the dialogue ended, he changed his mind and turned away from Nanjing Night.

On the other side, several old men finally came back and pointed to Zhong Shan, referring to the tomb that was being cleared and filled with offerings.

“Why do you worship the ancestral graves of cattle?” Finally, one of them said.

Zhong Shishan moved his neck forward and opened his eyes. “…Huh?”

The background in front of Nanjing Nightspot was suddenly shaken. Then, swaying and looking around, the eyes looked sluggishly at Nanjing Night Net, which still contained a bit of unbelief.

The words of the old people continue.

Another saying: “I am afraid that it is too small to leave the house. I have to admit it wrong. Your ancestors’ graves are still above, and at least 100 meters are still available.”

Another said: “Actually, you don’t blame you for admitting mistakes. Thanks to this miscellaneous account, the Qingming ancestral graves are not sacrificed. In the early years, the tombstone was turned by a calf. He doesn’t care…”

Hearing clearly, the entire person in Zhongshishan leaned back and leaned in tenaciously. He pulled a son and silently shuffled the shrubs straight to the top. The old people pointed to the true location of his family’s graves.

In front of Nanjing Night Net, why is it short of breath and the sound of breathing is pumping, pumping, short and weak.

He was shaking and his hands and legs were shaking.

Unexplained, in any case unreasonable. Too late, he did, and said too much, and the circle is not back.

Accused Nanjing Night Net deliberately wrong position? Yes, but it’s useless. He is a master. How can he not see it? How can one make up so many visions in the wrong position, say so many things, and open up to three million?

He knew that he was dead and that Shionshan would not let him off.

“Master, hold on.” Nanjing Night Net whispered.

Facing his face, he changed his eyes and tried to breathe a sigh of relief. “I, I didn’t want to turn against you yesterday… You, you were ready to bury it from the very beginning and buried me. You…you really counted. ?”

Nanjing Night Net looks innocent. “No, I really admit it wrong. You see I am so young. Probably, this is a fate? Master, please don’t worry about me. Take a closer look. You haven’t saved this time.”

He looked at him for a change in his eyes.

“Oh…I can’t.”

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