Nanjing Night Net calmly nodded and smiled. “There is one face and one eye.”

“I understand everything…but why not practice running?!”

This is the first time he went to see the grave on the mountain. He changed the door of Feng Shui Master to Nanjing Night Net and asked him why he did not understand. Nanjing Night Network did not reply to the complete sentence.

Master He was too empty to see at first glance, and later facts proved that it was. Before he was taken away, he never returned to the village. He suffered a lot from the back of the mountain and was beaten badly.

The change was that Nanjing Night Net was in his situation at that time. It could have taken a group of people from Zhongjia and added bodyguards. They ran briskly on the mountain road… all the way to the scenery.

The people who do this line, learn so much miscellaneous, actually do not practice running … Nanjing Night Net completely unable to understand.

All feng shui masters, the division’s introductory first lesson, should be running, and should be ideologically attached to it. In fact, it must be practiced, and it must be relied on at a crucial moment.

In turn, He Yuyu believes that Nanjing Night Web has to play a role in the development of Hong Kong City. The only flaw is that the “mouthline” is not good enough.

What is a word of mouth? In fact, there is another way to say this word, live, used for the host, comic actor and so on. Among them, comic dialogues are also divided into singles, counterparts, groups, etc.

Therefore, do not put light music, do not put destiny symphonies, do not put small movies, you put a paragraph crosstalk.

In short, what masters are wrong, Nanjing Night Net’s “mouthpiece” is actually very good. What he lacks is only professional vocabulary in professional fields. This did not prevent him from persuading him to convince many people, including the villagers.

Even parents and grandpa think he really does. This is to facilitate Nanjing Night Net to occasionally stand up and point out the country, you can not show abruptly.

“The master is good.” Zhong Yan and Zhong Zhen sat opposite the night network in Nanjing, devout and full of expectation to beheaded together, and prettily greeting.

Installed, contacted in the past two days, Nanjing Night Net has long found that the pair of twins in addition to fear of grandpa, in fact, very proud and arrogant, not to anyone else, but also not so convinced Fengshui division.

This time, it may be that Grandpa is too “devoted” to deliberately test it out. By the way, he wants Nanjing Night Net to be ugly.

Not to be concerned with the little girl, Nanjing Night Net said: “How are you?”

“The little master can call Ruth.” In front of his grandfather, Zhong said with a smile.

“I’m Anna,” said Zhong Yin.

Good soil. Nanjing Night Net patted his chest, his own, and smiled and said: “Leonardo.”

There are people with English names. This talks and slowly gets acquainted.

After a while, taking the opportunity to go out to the toilet with the help of Shihshan, two little girls naughty come together, looked at Nanjing Night Net on the table, smiling, stunned, hiding in the eyes of the banter.

One asked: “Little Master, you can count for us. When will we both have peaches, can we make boyfriends?”

Another helper said: “Yes, I really want to delay, but I can’t find the right person.”

Did you actually test me? naive. Nanjing Night Net closed its eyes, blinked, and said with a faint smile: “What about a boyfriend? I didn’t see it… I saw two lilies.”

The lesbian “Lily” once said in benzene in 1971 that Zhong Zhenzhong was in the port city where information was open, and naturally heard, and … they were.

When the two girls sat up, they were all stiff and stunned, then panicked and panicked. If this happened to Grandpa or other family members, they were afraid they would be killed.

“Rest assured, I will not say to others.” Nanjing Night Net to see the situation, opening up to appease it.

The two girls finally managed to come back. There was gratitude and admiration in their eyes. “Master, you, how are you, how… are you calculating it?”

Nanjing Night Net calmly nodded and smiled. “There is one face and one eye.”

What does this sentence mean? The meaning of your face is destined to be a lily.

Little girl film dare to test me? ! Oh, it’s gone forever on Lily’s road. Nanjing Night Network is thinking evil.

At the same time, my heart said: First of all, when you ask this question, you deliberately test me. There must be a pit in it. Second, both of you have spent two days with this master and have not even looked at it. How can it be normal? Third, if you are not a lily, you should be more than you if you don’t have a lily. Fourth, you have suppressed the excitement of stealing a movie from time to time in the past two days, “Basic Instinct”, the Chinese translation of “Instinct”… Exactly, this master has studied before.

It was so completely conquered by the master. It was only recently that the lily attributes of Zhong Zhen and Zhong Yin were inspired by the movie. Until now, no one knows each other…

As young people, after they unveiled what they wanted at Nanjing and convinced him that he had doubts about the letter, he wanted to test it and avoid losing his grandfather. Now the whole thing is the other way around. The two of them integrated the same thing before and after, but they are more convinced than Grandpa, they also admire… and even awe.

At this point, let alone watching Grandpa be defrauded. It is probably that Nanjing Night Net tells you that you are ghosts, and you quickly take off and let this master help you exorcise ghosts… They will panic and follow suit.

“Fortunately, I’m not the kind of person.” Nanjing Night Net is very bleak and takes a sip of tea. The twins quickly find a hot water bottle to help him add water.

He came back exactly to see the two granddaughters who had been secretly scolding behind him and said with a smile of joy: “Yeah, you both are sensible.”

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